BC Auditor General Faults Government Climate Plans

From CBC News, 13th February 2018

“British Columbia has no clear plan to prevent threats such as wildfires, flooding and drought as it works to adapt to the risks posed by climate change, the province’s auditor general says.
Carol Bellringer says there is little monitoring of progress and reporting on performance involving the ministries of environment, agriculture, transportation, forestry and housing, as well as Emergency Management B.C.
The province may not be able to manage flood risks because roles and responsibilities are spread across many agencies and levels of government that could lack staff or technical capacity, Bellringer said in a report released Thursday.”

In response BC Environment and Climate Change Strategy Minister, George Heyman, released a comment:
“We accept the recommendations in the report and will work to ensure their intent is achieved.
Our government understands that B.C. needs to prepare for, and adapt to, climate change. In 2017, B.C. experienced the worst wildfire season in our history. We expect to see more impacts from extreme weather in the future and we must do whatever we can to prepare for the effects of climate change.”

The government news release can be found here:

The full report can be found here: